After many months after months of replacing staff, and many a technological problems, we have planned for a new time for Waves to finally be released. Putting in consideration for the current Legend of Korra release scheme and it's current pace, and keeping in mind that Waves will be released sometime after the conclusion of the Legend of Korra series, it is expected that the new release time for Waves will be sometime around the area of 2016. Yes, yes we know, that's a long time to wait, and it seems to be a ways off, but we are sure it will fly by.

Why did we pick this time to release Waves? Well to put it simply, we are patiently waiting for the Avatar creators to possibly quicken their pace of the production of Legend of Korra, and we calculated that they will release a new season every year. When Legend of Korra was first announced, they announced that it would be a 14 episode mini-series, and nothing more. But after some negotiating, Nickelodeon corporate managed to convince the Avatar creators to bump it up to 2 seasons, and 24 episodes. However, just recently, it was known that Nickelodeon did the same thing once again, and negotiated that they would like Legend of Korra to be stretched out even further. To put it simply, Legend of Korra is no longer a mini-series. It is now going to be spanned out into 4 seasons, and 54 episodes.

Now, 2016 is not an official release date for Waves, it is just a guesstimate. A lot of time will go into the production of Waves, and it will be similarly organized to how each of the two Avatar series have gone. It is also a possibility that we may just resume production as normal (because after all, the Waves story is not directly associated to any past, present, or future Avatar characters, and the time period is around the time after the events of the graphic novel, "The Search", and before The Legend of Korra). We posted this in the Waves news in case any Avatar fans that are currently following the progress of Waves don't take to the streets and riot or anything to that effect.

In the time being, it is almost a guarantee that a new trailer or two will be created for Waves. After all, the production of Waves hasn't actually stopped at any point, and just moving things around as time goes on, and we discover more of the events that occurred in the Legend of Korra, and The Search. We'll be eagerly awaiting the new Legend of Korra, Book 2: Spirits, that is more or less scheduled to be aired on Nickelodeon May 2013, and we hope that you'll watch it as well.

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